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November 11th, 2007

(no subject)

Sometimes song lyrics seem to sit just right and explain what's going on in life. A song that will be released in December in the UK by a rather popular girl trio, the Sugababes, is doing just that at the moment. As the looming major changes come on the horizon, with my graduation from university and thrust out into the "real" world to find a job and strike out on my own - this fits rather well :)

I've just picked selected lyrics as they are most relevant. The entire song is fantastic, not to mention the remix packet with it :)

You don't ever see it coming
When the future comes knocking
It's change
It can make you or break you too
You just have to make it through

Ain't it funny how you think
You're going to be okay
Till you remember things are
Never going to be the same again (same again)
Ain't it crazy how you think
You've got your whole life planned
Just to find out it was
Never ever in your hands (in your hands)

Sugababes - Change

November 4th, 2007

Pump me up, I fly beyond...

Today was a fairly busy day, but not with work or school stuff. It was a bit lazy towards the beginning, but the afternoon was spent pulling out old power receptacles and switches throughout the house and replacing them with newer, prettier ones :)

I had previous experience in this, as I'd helped my dad wire houses when he would do occasional jobs for someone he knew who liked to build houses as a hobby of sorts. (the hobby was the guy's who liked to build houses. It wasn't my dad's...) So when I was younger, I went along a few times to help put the power receptacles and switches throughout the house. Strip the wires, attach them correctly, shove them in the box, screw it in tight, move on to the next one. Then later on, when the wall was done, we'd go back and plate them with the coverplates.

Well - that was pretty much what we did today, except we just replaced and such. Other than that, not much really that went on. Except coming across some fantastic new tracks courtesy of my friend who runs GLO Radio, a weekly online radio program with the hottest international pop hits :) I'm now popping around the house to some of the tracks :) Tomorrow should be very quiet - I'm looking forward to it :)

Have a good weekend!!!

November 2nd, 2007

(no subject)

So, for Halloween, I was working. But I managed to add some "flare" to my uniform, finding a black top hat and adding a rakish tilt, and so I played Fred Astaire, Airline Gate Agent. I was surprised how many compliments I got about how good I looked! The compliments were very nice and greatly appreciated :)

I left work a bit early so I could get home and get some sleep - prepping for a 5am wakeup call Thursday morning. My long days are back again. Up at 5am, out of the house by 6am to be on campus by 8am. Thursday morning I collected the papers due from the students in the IR550 course I'm a teaching assistant for. I then proceeded to conduct the first set of rehearsals for their oral briefings, the second half of the course. So that took all of about an hour *shakes head*. The briefings are still in embryonic stage...

But that gave me time to screw around a bit on the computer, and also prepare an outline for a presentation I'm giving in my International Organizations & World Order class on November 8th and run it by the professor. Then it was off to that very same class, and then rushed off for my normal dash to work. A quick costume change/parking garage strip later and I was ready for work.

I got assigned to a fairly quiet gate, which was, in the end, GREATLY appreciated. I had time to start marking some of the papers I collected, while others had to deal with consistent cancellations and such. La-la-la-la-la... and to top it off, someone offered to stay for the late flights, instead of me getting stuck behind as usual. So I was able to give my work friend a ride home, which was great.

Just doing a little winding down before bed... I have the next few days devoid of anything scheduled, thank goodness... these 3.5 days of pure go-go-go sure as heck get to you...

October 31st, 2007

Playing catchup...

Right. So I've been absolutely *terrible* at updating this over the past few months. Things have been fairly busy, but good overall.

I just got back from a 4-day trip to Sydney, Australia on Monday, where I went for the World Airline Road Race (WARR). Fun fun fun as always...

My month in Finland was good, I made lots of new friends, learned a lot both inside and outside the classroom. It was an experience I won't forget ever.

I've started my "Chasing the Sun" runs, starting with a race I ran in Vacaville, CA in the "Step Forward to Cure TSC" 5K on October 13th. My first race out and about in several months, the culmination of spending several months with a personal trainer and other physical training. I placed 9th overall, and 1st in my age group. I was rather pleased with that... my race time was about 27 minutes, which is slower than my times in high school, but after a long hiatus, at least a baseline to work with.

My second race, at WARR, was good as well. I actually ran in both the 10K and 5K races. The 10K time was 48 minutes flat, which was good. My 5K split (halfway through) was 24:30, so I actually ran the second half faster than the first half. That was good. The 5K race I ran a half hour after finishing the 10K was more of a leisurely fun run, I ran with a friend of mine and kept him motivated and such... I completed that in about 32 minutes.

Schoolwork and work are keeping me very busy, as to be expected... I'm a teaching assistant for IR550, the Foreign Policy Analysis course. Briefing rehearsals start tomorrow, so I'll be getting up at 5am and getting home after midnight twice a week. Man, those will be long days... but I got a letter in the mail from the school saying that my graduation application was "preliminarily approved." Which basically means I finish my classes this semester and pass them all - and I'm graduamated :) Yay!!!

July 29th, 2007

(no subject)

So, I leave for Finland. In like just a little over 48 hours. For a MONTH.


July 17th, 2007

Take that, Pink!


Dame Shirley Bassey takes Pink's original song and makes it 10 million times better... sweeping orchestra and all that. Fantastic :)

July 14th, 2007

Back from Calgary

And what an amazing time it was!

Wednesday flew up on Air Canada/Mapleflot on an E-190, which was quite a pleasant flight. Met my friend Ryan and then we went downtown to grab a bite to eat.

Thursday morning, we got up and went to one of the Stampede pancake breakfasts held around town. Then we headed downtown on the C-Train and poked around downtown Calgary for a bit before we headed to the Stampede grounds! This huge fair was a blast - so much to see and do!

I enjoyed a "hot beef sundae" which consisted of slices of beef in gravy, mashed potatoes, shredded cheddar cheese and a cherry tomato on top. Mmmm... fair cuisine :) Also enjoyed some bacon ranch fries, and some mini donuts

The chuckwagon races were a blast to watch, and the friendly looney betting between Ryan, myself, and Ryan's friend Trish netted me 2 looneys ($2CAD) at the end of the 9 heats :) After the chuckwagon races was the Grandstand Show, which was cool to watch. I hear it's essentially the same every year, so maybe I'll go to the show next year and maybe I won't.

It got out about 1130pm, so we picked up some more mini donuts and tried some deep fried Coke which was a total gross bust. That was about it for the day.

Thursday was a day trip to Banff, to the beautiful Lake Louise, where myself and my friends Ryan and Daylen then set off on an 11km roundtrip hike to a teahouse with overpriced water and warm lemonade :) After that we visited a quasi-ghost town called Bankshead, and then went into Banff for dinner at Saltlik. Good food :)

We went out that night after freshening up, and were out until 3am. Haha... fun times!

June 23rd, 2007

So - I'm running races around the world to raise research funds and awareness for Tuberous Sclerosis Complex, a disease I was born with...

and now my little fundraising website has been all set up by the nice people at the TS Alliance, the non-profit dedicated to finding a cure for TSC while improving the lives of those affected.


Visit the above link to learn more :)

June 13th, 2007

(no subject)

It's been a quasi-busy past couple days... either running or working or doing both or flying up to Boise for a friend's wedding. I can't completely keep track of what I've done over the past week or more...

The past entire week has kinda just felt blah - I'm not sure why. There were parts I was excited for, but even then something seemed to dampen it a little bit.

I've tried hard to keep up with my running, but the past couple days have been really hard. It's like I can't get my body started...

we'll see. i'm going to wake up at 8am tomorrow morning and see if I can get going again. I keep trying. It's like I keep getting pushed back from some unforseen force. I hate it...

June 2nd, 2007

(no subject)

*squeals again*

Final Semester Grades - Spring 2007
  • HUM 410 Modern Revolution - A-
  • IR 550 Foreign Policy Proseminar - A

    Both grades back now... the Humanities/Philosophy class grade came back this evening... and that completes the grade posting freakout for this semester.

    In other news, today was one of the best days I've had at work in some time. My colleagues Miguel and Lilo were the best colleagues I could ever have asked to work with today. We laughed and had a great time working together at the gate today, and kept the passengers in great spirits as well... in spite of delays and such.

    Off to bed. Running beckons in the morning...
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